Be Clear the Goal of RUU355 Rally, No Safeguard for Objection Against Allah


Padang Merbok, Feb 18 – RUU 355 Rally was cherished by “Sembang Santai Ilmu” session where the questions regarding to RUU 355 has been answered by Ustaz Azhar Idrus, Ustaz Haslin, Ustaz Nik Mohamad Abduh, and Hafiz Hamidun.

After Jemaah Asr prayer, participants listened to the tazkirah by a preacher, Ustaz Ahmad Dasuki Abdul Rani.

Ahmad Dasuki in his tazkirah reminded protesters the goals of RUU355 Rally as to uphold Islam and to express supports for the proposed amendments to Act 355 by Marang MP, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

According to him, man is a slave of this world and are obliged to follow all the commandments of Allah. Those who oppose Allah will not be safe and will in this world and the hereafter.

“Never in the history, those who oppose Allah successful in this world and the hereafter. The examples are Qarun and Pharaoh (Firaun).

“Once Ahok insulted Islam in Indonesia, 7 million people had gathered to express their opposition … In Malaysia, we also might have Ahok here.”

He urged protesters to increase the prayers so that we will be able to see the beauty of Islamic rule implementation in Malaysia.

“We come together here is not for fun. But we are confident that amongst us, there could be some efficacious prayer to Allah.

“We ask Allah for the opportunity for us to see the beauty of Islamic law as written in his book”.

These three speakers had delivered their speech on frequently asked questions (FAQ) and other queries about RUU 355.

Foto oleh: Krew Lensa Haraki @ Team Fotografi JITP ©


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