Supporting the Efforts in Empowering Shariah


Padang Merbok, Feb 18 – Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Dato Seri Jamil Khir Baharom is one of the invited speakers in RUU 355 Rally today.

In his speech he said,” As Muslims, we have to place the Shariah law as greater as it should be”. He also encourages people to support any efforts to uphold the status of the Shariah Court.

Meanwhile, Dato’ Seri Jamil Khir also expressed his gratitude to everyone whom involved directly and indirectly in the rally today.

“Thank you and congratulations to fellow NGOs who come along in the rally today although it was raining in the afternoon. Indeed, this rally has become a polemic since long. In parliament, some MPs supported this issue while some objected it, “he said.

He commented further, Islamic affairs administration is governed by the King or ruler of a state.

According to List 2 in the Constitution, the authority of Islam solely depending on the discretion of each state.

“Muslims should look at this issue in the eyes of Islam as a religion in achieving the empowerment of Shariah court,” he said again.

Foto oleh: Krew Lensa Haraki @ Team Fotografi JITP ©


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